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Blackboard Campus Edition (formerly WebCT) is the Learning Management System (LMS) used by Radford University.  Blackboard allows faculty to create a secure web presence for each class that they teach.  Students in the class can access the LMS to check the syllabus or class calendar, to hand-in assignments, to view reading materials, to take assessments, to check grades, to participate in an online discussion, or many other online learning activities.

The TLC is committed to helping faculty and staff use the Blackboard LMS by providing integration assistance in the form of consultation on course development and design, application training, and by developing 'best practices' resources. Bookmark this page for access to our library of electronic documentation for Blackboard. Browse the links below (presented in a variety of delivery forms) to learn more, and to access supporting materials.

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The Blackboard 'How do I...' Animated Instruction Series

The following animations overview the steps for completing the most common tasks in the LMS
Course Development
How Do I...
Course Management and Facilitation
How Do I...

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